Office of Zulu Flight Commander

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Elizabeth Bullock

Callsign: Zulu

Random Facts

  1. I love Jesus
  2. I’m a night person (just ask my flight sergeant)
  3. I’m a green belt in taekwondo
  4. When I get tired or board, I send a lot of pieces of flairs on facebook
  5. I use to have a bad habit of locking my keys in my car
  6. I like a lot of different types of music
  7. I think that with God’s help all goals can be achieved
  8. I plan to get honor flight at this year’s encampment
  9. I play the guitar
  10. I like to help people achieve their goals in life

Do you choose:

ninjas or pirates Ninjas
spitshining or lighters spitshining
black or white black
silver or gold silver
romance or horror totally romance but i do like a little violence now and then
mechanical pencils or pencils or pens pencils all the way
elves or hobbits elves
swords or guns guns
knights or gangsters depends

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