Office of X-ray Flight Sergeant

Cadet Master Sergeant Forrest Brown

You've reached the office of the flight sgt. for X-ray flight. My goal for the cadets is to instill professionalism in them, get them mentaly and physicaly tuff, and teach them drill and ceremonies. My goal for me during encampment is to learn how to be a better leader, have an awesome time, and to win honor flight and squadron.

Random facts about me:

I swim competitively
My middle name is Jackson
I was 2,000 txts away from the world record (I had 12,000 in one month)
I'm a Duke fan. Go Devils!
I love Hip Hop/Rap (eminem!)
I've been homeschooled all my life

Callsign: X-factor

Do you choose:
ninjas or pirates: ninja
spitshining or lighters: spitshining
black or white: black
silver or gold: silver
romance or horror: romance
mechanical pencils or pencils or pens: pens
elves or hobbits:elves
swords or guns: guns
knights or gangsters: gangsters

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