Squadron Rules

These are some guidelines for the basics. Some are simple safety precautions; others are meant to ensure squadron discipline. Make sure you are familiar with these rules, and that your basics at encampment are aware of them.

Squadron Rules

1. Basics may not consume milk or yogurt, since dairy substances can lead to the loss of one's voice.

2. No basic may go anywhere alone with a member of the opposite sex.

3. Getting dressed in the morning inludes putting sunsceen on arms, face, and neck.

4. All buses are buses of silence unless staff are leading basics in OI memorization or jodies.

5. Canteens must be refilled at every meal and every time the squadron visits a building.

Guidon Rules

1. The squadron guidon will be posted first when the squadron is in formation

2. Flight guidons will be posted any time after the squadron guidon has been posted

3. Squadorn and flight guidons may be retrieved in any order, as long as no flight retrieves their guidon while the squadron guidon is being retrieved

4. Flights are encouraged to create guidon posted and guidon retrieved chants

5. Guidons not properly posted may be stolen

6. Flights who improperly steal a guidon that was properly posted or lose their guidon to another flight will receive a demerit

7. If a guidon touches the ground that flight will receive a demerit and a black ribbon will be affixed to their guidon pole as a sign of dishonor

8. Guidons will stay with their guidon bearers when not in service (i.e. at night and during personal time)

9. To take a guidon from the guidon bearer, the requester must say, “I request this guidon.” The guidon bearer may reply with either “Request denied” or “I release this guidon.” The response to flight or squadron staff will always be the latter.

10. Guidon bearers who allow their guidons to be taken from them in a different manner will be given a demerit earn their flights

11. If the guidon bearer wishes to hand the guidon to another, the guidon bearer will say, “Will you accept this guidon?” The person may reply with either “I accept this guidon” or “I refuse this guidon.”

12. First element leaders will be trained in the use of the guidon, as will one other designated cadet in case the guidon bearer is not present.

13. If the guidon bearer must leave the flight, he will hand the guidon to the first element leader using proper protocol.

14. If the guidon bearer is not marching with the flight, the designated cadet will fill in as guidon bearer.

15. If the guidon bearer cannot march in cadence, he will lose his position and another cadet who can will replace him as the new guidon bearer.

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