Office of Public Affairs

Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Micah Larson

callsign- kamokitty

Do you choose:
ninjas or pirates-I can't change my mind and I already said that I like knights over of them.
spitshining or lighters-spitshining. Unless my boots are really bad. Then I borrow my mom's hair dryer.
black or white-depends on the accompanying color.
silver or gold-I like silver, but yellow's my favorite color.
romance or horror-romance
mechanical pencils or pencils or pens-Seeing as I loose all my mechanical pencils, I stick with normal pencils.
elves or hobbits-Elves-hands down (you can see with my Fenorian runes below).
swords or guns-Swords, unless a gun is necessary.
knights or gangsters-Obviously, knights.

For those of you who couldn't read my post on the 9th SCC's office,
this is my post.
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