Packing List

This is the official packing list for encampment. It was on the NCWG website, but their server crashed, so I have it in a file here. Listed below are some of the items staff are required to bring to encampment, as well as some suggestions for items to pack.

Mandatory For Staff

  • 12 pack of AA batteries (for ISRs)
  • Sunscreen (that you can carry with you for the basics who forgot to put it on)
  • Chapstick (one for you and one for your basics)
  • Guidon
  • Way to attach your guidon to your pole
  • Canteen and web belt (to top off basics' water)


  • Cough drops
  • Lemons
  • Clipboard
  • Althletic tape (to prevent blisters)
  • Alarm clock
  • Copy of CAPM 39-1 (uniform manual) and AFMAN 36-2203 (drill and ceremonies manual)
  • Copies of PT schedule, in and out processing plans, communications plan, and master schedule for the week.
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