our mission should be to kill, steal, and destroy
-C/SMSgt Larson

sounds like fun!
C/CMSgt Faulks

Who do you want to kill first?
C/CMSgt Larson

just to be a total D-bag and…sound like one also…-Our cadet honor code frowns on stealing…hahaha…but they dont frown upon is silentley taking with out asking and forgeting to return…and once we have killed them, why destroy, save the explosive's,ammo or whatever and shoot somthing that will actually help like…survivors of the killing- C/2d Lt Neville, Log/Com

I think it should be like "use excesive amounts of Bombs and blow the living crap out of beercans"
-C/2d Lt Neville, Log/Comm

You see, Neville, it goes like this: we kill the leaders of the ninth squadron, steal their guidon (or silently borrow it and forget to return it…), and destroy it! Muhahaha!
- C/CMSgt Larson

Wasn't there like a contest or something where you could steal other guidons?
C/MSgt Brown

Last year the rules were that if the guidon wasn't properly posted, it could be stolen. I don't know if we will have the same rules this year.
C/CMSgt Larson

How about "we are obsessively compulsive in that we'll return the favor ninth!"
-C/CMSgt Faulks

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