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Right now the current plan is to arrange the bunks to form a wall, then use bed sheets or tarps to add privacy. If the bunks don't move, we may need to rig a "clothes line" and pin sheets up or something.

1st Sergeant Larson

Re: Female Barracks by Sierra LarsonSierra Larson, 17 Jun 2009 18:29

even though im not a female i have an Idea…bed sheets, bring a bunch from home…
Lt Neville L/C

Re: Female Barracks by NevillegkNevillegk, 17 Jun 2009 18:17


Have you had any success finding a divider for our barracks situation? Worst case scenario, we have permission to move the bunk beds (as long as they aren't nailed to the floor) and use them to create a barracade.

1st Sergeant Larson

Female Barracks by Sierra LarsonSierra Larson, 17 Jun 2009 18:09

haha! that would be bad if I brought my ipod dock and all of a sudden my cadets were woken up @ 4:30 to the wonderfully loud sounds of Red! (Love your music choice Capt Bloemsma) ;)
-C/CMSgt Faulks

As long as your alarm clock does not wake up your basics and your basics don't even know you have it, well and good.

So… alarm clocks are all good for flight staff?

Actually I don't plan on waking up the flight staff, they will be responsible for getting themselves up. We will just make sure that the flight staff is up, so no one accidently oversleeps.

C/Capt Bloemsma

So, from my understanding, we're in multi-floor barrcks (please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this), and, in the morning the squadron CC and first Sgt will wake up the flight staff. Then all hell breaks loose when, 30 min to an hour later, the flight staff wakes up the basics. Just a request for myself (and anyone like me) the more time given in between waking staff up and waking basics up the better.
C/CMSgt Faulks

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