Office of the First Sergeant

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Sierra Larson


Welcome to the office of 10th CTS First Sergeant. It is my duty to motivate, train, and discipline. I am errand-girl to the squadron commander and counselor to the flight sergeants. I am here to help the staff of the 10th CTS to succeed, and will do all within my power to make our squadron the best there ever was, is, and ever will be.

Callsign: Rattlesnake

I want my staff to get to know me, so I have compiled several lists of random facts about me. If it gets too weird, feel free to stop reading. I encourage you each to do the same on your pages, and don't worry about being cool or politically correct. I want us all to get to know each other before encampment, and to become a team. If we can't work together, we can't expect the basics in our flights to work together. But I'll save the lectures for encampment. Read on!

Random facts about me:
I am a follower of Jesus Christ
My favorite verse is 1 Timothy 4:12, which says, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for others in speech, in faith, in life, in love, and in purity."
I am the oldest of eight children
Two of my siblings are adopted from Liberia, Africa
I am a GTM1 and have completed all my training and testing for Ground Team Leader (I'm just waiting til I turn 18)
I love to ride horses, but unfortunately don't own one
I am going to the National Powered Flight Academy this summer and hope to solo
I want to be a missionary pilot
Before you ask, the reason I don't want to join the military is because I don't want to kill people
I'm taking Latin as a foreign language, and its NOT dead (No comments, Faulks)
I've been to TeenPact and loved the experience
My mint chocolate chip cookies won grand prize at our county fair
I sewed my own Civil War era gown and wore it to a ball
I am taking gymnastics
I am in Gavel Club
My best subjects are English, Latin, and writing. My not-so-good subjects are math and science. My favorite subjects are history and art.

Really random facts about me:
Underneath my combat boots are pink toenails (I don't paint my fingernails cuz I'm too lazy to wash them every Monday before CAP)
I have five brothers
My favorite color is turquoise
My favorite candy bar is a Twix
I don't drink caffeine (i.e. coffee, mountain dew, monsters, etc)
Although my natural leadership style is authoritarian, my favorite leadership style is democratic.
I had to teach a lesson about carburators at my Phase II, and that was the part of AE2 I had found most confusing (and I still graduated phase II! Amazing!)
I find it disconcerting to chew out a cadet who is taller than me (but I can still do it, so don't try anything!)
When I'm not doing school or CAP, my favorite thing to do is either get on the computer or read a book.
I love the "Inheritance" series by Christopher Paolini, the "Narnia" series by C. S. Lewis, and the "Lord of the Rings" series by J. R. R. Tolkien
I have a chocolate labrador retriever named "Boomer" and he weighs more than I do.
I also have a really big, fat cat named Smokey and she likes to sleep on her back.
Even though my dog could swallow my cat, my cat whips my dog every time they get in a fight.
I love to sing.
The combat boots I wear are the type worn by the tank division of the army, so they're really heavy. When I bought them, I'd been a cadet for two weeks and I didn't realize there were other types of boots.

I choose:
ninjas over pirates
spitshining over lighters
black over white
silver over gold
romance over horror
mechanical pencils over pencils or pens
elves over hobbits
swords over guns
knights over gangsters (yes, I believe in chivalry!)
What do you choose?

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